2011 Bat Guidelines

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Jun 21, 2011

As many of you already know – The American Legion (and other youth programs) placed a moratorium on composite bats. To help clarify the rule, the national baseball subcommittee voted to keep the rule simple so no list is needed.

These lists are guides only  for players and coachs. Unfortunately there is no national American Legion Baseball list of bats that are approved or not approved. We furnish these lists for your information. 

Bats that are Not Approved for NHSF play are not approved in Legion either.

The NHSF list of "approved bats" includes some bats that have composite components. Those bats have a C in the construction column, however, THESE bats are NOT legal in American Legion play..

  • ANY Wood bat is permitted
  • Any BBCOR bat is permitted
  • Only single-piece, all-metal – BESR bats are permitted.
  • Nothing else is permitted.

Please view the bulletin on the 2011 Bat Guidelines, along with the list of NFHS BESR Certified bats, and the list of NFHS BESR Unapproved bats.