Caron stays aggressive for Dawson, hitting .394 at leadoff

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Apr 21, 2016

The job of a prototypical leadoff hitter is to take as many pitches as possible.

But Anchorage’s Ryan Caron has a different strategy. 

“I’m usually swinging first pitch,” he told me with a laugh. “I don’t see many pitches.”

He doesn’t miss many either.

The Dawson Community College sophomore centerfielder is hitting .394 [37-for-94] in 27 games with the NJCAA team in Montana.

He has banged out at least two hits in nine of his last 16 games.

Caron, of Service Post 28 fame, started the season pitching and playing in the field. He has since focused on just hitting and the results speak for themselves.

 “I really changed my approach,” he said. “When I was doing my best last year I was really being aggressive and then I got away from it after I got moved up in the lineup.”

He promised himself to stay aggressive no matter what, even after he was promoted to the top of the Dawson batting order.

Thing is, though, most coaches want their leadoff hitters to see lots of pitches. Then again, his .394 batting average gives him a long leash.

“I talked with my coach about it and he said, ‘As long as it works, keep doing you,’” Caron said. “If the pitcher isn’t around the zone, I will back off.

“Thing is, though, pitchers are going to throw you stuff they want you to hit, so if they start me out with a fastball I’m going to smack that.”

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director.