Happy Holidays

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Dec 22, 2010

2011 is right around the corner and boy do we have some exciting things to look forward to. Players, Alaska Airlines has generously given us a bunch of free tickets to encourage outside teams to compete in Anchorage for 2011. Expect the BP Tournamet to be packed full of foreigners!!!! But even sooner then that we have the always exciting winter workout sessions and the 3rd Annual Laces Academy Winter Clinic on January 14-17th. I can't tell you how inspiring it was to watch those players that participated in the clinic and the winter workouts in 2010, earn starting spots over their older classmates on their varsity teams!! Trust me fella's, it pays off. If your uninterested in increasing speed, agility, arm strength, velocity, bat speed, and overall baseball wisdom . . . . good luck earning a college scholarship for your Black Ops skills!!!

Expect to play the same number of games in Mulcahy for 2011, if not more. Gotta' love playing in the big house!! Expect our level of competition to be even greater then it was in 2010. Expect to have your face show up on the website homepage at some point each week and expect for the pregame music in Mulcahy to get even more inspiring!!! Expect the Alliance to continue to improve all fields statewide and expect me to continue to write up these friendly and antagonistic blogs throughout the winter!!!!!! Enjoy this time with your family and friends boys because after this its back to long toss, blob tag, and those ab friendly planks, situps, and sprints.

Yours Truly,
Dylan Barry, Executive Director