If It Was Easy. . .Everyone Would Do It!!!!!

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Nov 6, 2011

It’s called the Great American Pastime, but it’s almost like baseball is past its prime compared to other sports.

“It’s slipping big time because it’s a hard game,” said professional scout Brent Strom of St. Louis Cardinals, who is in town for an instructional clinic at The Dome.

Strom came to Alaska on the heels of a six-day stay in the Dominican Republic, where he conducted another clinic.

Unlike here, in this country, kids in the Dominican Republic don’t have the luxury of participating in organized baseball leagues because there are none.

“They play for fun,” Strom said. “They emulate the best in the game.”

He doesn’t see the same love for the game in the U.S., where kids are easily distracted by video games and grow up unwilling to overcome obstacles as a result of hitting the reset button on their gaming system.

When the going gets tough, just start over.

That’s not how life – or baseball – works.

Baseball teaches you to be humble and makes you deal with failure. It also provides moments of exuberance and ecstasy.

The process is slow and methodical, sort of like the game itself. There isn’t the instant gratification like there can be with other sports.

“It’s the parents who have a difficult time with it because they don’t want to see little ‘Johnny’ fail. That’s basically where the crux of the problem is,” Strom said. “You try to get them to understand that failure is a learning situation and to not be afraid of it.”