Lacey and Co. headline Winter College Coaches Baseball Clinic

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Dec 18, 2013

Championship coach Levi Lacey and his staff from Everett Community College in Washington will be in Anchorage from Jan. 17-20 for the sixth annual Winter College Coaches Baseball Clinic at The Dome.

With Lacey coaching the pitchers and Cody Atkinson and Curt Nelson working with the hitters, Everett won the 2013 title for the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges [NWAACC].

Everett has a 71-21 record over the last two seasons. The coaches like to win and they like to bring that same intensity to camps.

“Kids can expect a high-paced and informative camp,” Lacey said. “We will teach in depth concepts in all aspects of the game. We will challenge our players to become better players over the course of the camp.”

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The Winter College Coaches Baseball Clinic is four days, allowing coaches more time to impact more kids.

“The delivery of our information is what sets us apart from other camps,” Lacey said. “We are very detailed and precise in our practice/lesson plan. We want the athlete to understand information as well as execute the information physically.”

Having Atkinson and Nelson here will only make things work smoother.

“Those guys coach with me and they played for me, so we’re all on the same page and our coaching styles are similar," Lacey said. "It really helps when you reinforce each other’s information; that continuity helps the teaching process.”

If anybody can provide perspective on what it takes to play college baseball, it’s these guys, particularly Lacey, who has helped Alaska players get to college in the past.

“Most of the kids up there honestly are good students, so they usually have the school part figured out,” he said. “I think it’s more adapting to the environment and adjusting to the speed of the game because from up there to down here, it’s a big difference.”

Cut down the learning curve with Lacey and Co.

“I’m not one that sugarcoats the truth,” Lacey said. “The honesty part is what needs to happen because if he stands out he’s going to get plenty of that ‘hey you’re a pretty good player up there’ and down here you have to do extra to be that standout guy.”

The Winter College Coaches Baseball Clinic is a good place to start.

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