Mulcahy Stadium will host doubleheaders first week

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Apr 19, 2012

The first week of the Cook Inlet Conference varsity baseball season will be played exclusively at Mulcahy Stadium.

Four games were moved because of slow snow melt at Kosinski and Chad Bax fields, forcing league officials to schedule doubleheaders at Mulcahy Stadium.

Here is the revised schedule for the first week [for a compete schedule, check out the calendar]:

Tuesday, May 1 @ Mulcahy
4:30pm Varsity: Dimond vs. Chugiak
7:00pm Varsity: Eagle River vs. Bartlett

Wednesday, May 2 @ Mulcahy
4:30pm Varsity: Service vs. West 
7:00pm Varsity: South vs. East

Thursday, May 3 @ Mulcahy
4:30pm Varsity: Chugiak vs. West
7:00pm Varsity: Eagle River vs. Dimond

Friday, May 4 @ Mulcahy 
4:30pm Varsity: East vs. Service
7:00pm Varsity: Bartlett vs. South